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2 in a Bed Tarot Spread

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Glass Owl


Number of Cards

Position Meanings

Position Meaning
1 What querent should take a bit more seriously (embrace)
2 What querent should take less seriously (let go of)

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Card Meanings

Position 1: What querent should take a bit more seriously (embrace)

Card Meaning
The Fool Playfulness and ventures within limits with partner
The Magician Taking actions like doing chores for partner
The High Priestess Taking some time to be alone to meditate about the relationship
The Empress Enjoying healthy activities like having a spa
The Emperor Being grounded and strict when necessary
The Hierophant Being committed like keeping a promise
The Lovers Being very romantic like telling how much querent loves his or her partner
The Chariot Going for some rides to outings
Strength Controlling temper like being patient with partner
The Hermit Looking for a deeper meaning about the relationship
Wheel of Fortune Alternating some routines to prevent boredom
Justice Being fair and considering all angles before making a decision with partner
The Hanged Man Sacrificing querent’s own needs and pleasing partner
Death Breaking the habits that stop the relationship from growing
Temperance Harmonizing the difference between querent and querent’s partner
The Devil Indulging in the love of partner
The Tower Forcing querent and querent’s partner out of comfort zone
The Star Healing the relationship like forgiving partner’s mistakes
The Moon Facing the fears, doubts, and insecurities about the relationship
The Sun Expressing your warmth happily to partner
Judgement Bringing something long abandoned back to the relationship
The World Living life to fullest with partner
Ace of Wands Starting a new hobby with partner
Two of Wands Planning a vacation abroad with partner
Three of Wands Reviewing the relationship after reaching a milestone
Four of Wands Joining a welcoming banquet with partner
Five of Wands Making something more exciting with partner
Six of Wands Appreciating querent’s partner
Seven of Wands Protecting the relationship from harm
Eight of Wands Communicating with partner directly and honestly
Nine of Wands Defending the relationship even after getting hurt
Ten of Wands Carrying more responsibilities for partner
Page of Wands Announcing news or performing songs to partner
Knight of Wands Igniting the spark in the relationship
Queen of Wands Being querent and querent’s partner’s authentic selves respectively in the relationship
King of Wands Readily fighting for the relationship when the time comes
Ace of Cups Starting a new level of intimacy with partner
Two of Cups Exchanging feelings with partner
Three of Cups Going to socialization events with or without partner and proposing some toasts
Four of Cups Staying sensible and sorting out feelings
Five of Cups Regretting mistakes before making things right with partner
Six of Cups Reminiscing the good old times with partner
Seven of Cups Daydreaming about the possibilities of the relationship
Eight of Cups Leaving something important behind for the relationship
Nine of Cups Showing off querent’s perfect partner and relationship
Ten of Cups Enjoying the peaceful family life while it lasts
Page of Cups Being sweet with partner
Knight of Cups Buying gifts for partner
Queen of Cups Looking deep into own feelings
King of Cups Being composed while feeling all the emotions the relationship brings
Ace of Swords Having new thought about the relationship
Two of Swords Spending time alone without interruption
Three of Swords Telling partner some heartbreaking news
Four of Swords Retreating to quiet the mind
Five of Swords Teasing partner about trivial matters
Six of Swords Helping partner go through sad times
Seven of Swords Escaping from the usual relationship life
Eight of Swords Restricting some ideas about the relationship
Nine of Swords Thinking too much about the relationship
Ten of Swords Bottling up unexpressed thoughts about the relationship
Page of Swords Breaking free from relationship problem
Knight of Swords Taking spontaneous actions like going for an unplanned trip
Queen of Swords Letting partner express his or her opinions
King of Swords Staying firm on decisions made around the relationship
Ace of Pentacles Starting a new project with partner
Two of Pentacles Juggling different tasks in the relationship
Three of Pentacles Learning more about improving the relationship with partner
Four of Pentacles Saving more money for a rainy day for the relationship
Five of Pentacles Sticking with partner during difficult times
Six of Pentacles Giving reasonable support to loved ones
Seven of Pentacles Pausing and reflecting on the progress of the relationship
Eight of Pentacles Working consistently to earn money for the family
Nine of Pentacles Carrying out unusual activities with partner with savings as backing
Ten of Pentacles Enjoying staycation with family like watching television shows
Page of Pentacles Getting a rare gift for partner
Knight of Pentacles Giving querent’s partner some rides
Queen of Pentacles Taking good care of partner
King of Pentacles Providing security to home life

Position 2: What querent should take less seriously (let go of)

Please refer to position 1 for respective meanings for what querent should take less seriously instead.

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