The Star Beast Tarot Spread

About This Tarot Spread

Tarot Spread Name
The Star Beast Tarot Spread
Jace Repshire
Tarot Spread Category
Number of Tarot Cards
Tarot Card Position Meanings
Tarot Card Position Tarot Card Position Meaning
1 The heart of the matter
2 The past: Fading influences
3 The present: Where querent is now
4 The future: Rising influences
5 The natural world: What is natural about this situation, relationship with nature and environment
6 The manmade world: What is artificial about this situation, relationship with society and others
7 The view: How querent views the situation, querent’s conscious perceptions
8 The storm ahead: A potential hindrance to look out for, what must be endured
9 The shelter nearby: A companion, support, or resource querent can rely on for help
10 The beast within: What dwells in querent’s subconscious
11 The star above: How the universe is trying to guide querent
12 Magic: What empowers querent, how querent can conform the situation to his or her will

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