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Two-Card Tarot Spread

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Number of Cards

Suggested Position Meanings

1 2
Meaning Option 1 Option 2
Me You
Question Answer
Day Evening
Cause Effect
Sequence 1 Sequence 2
Pro Con

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Tarot Reading Examples

A Choice Would Be Made Soon

Tarot card position 1
Sequence 1

The Lovers (reversed)

You have been presented with some choices, but it seems that your final decision is around the corner, as indicated by The Lovers tarot card in reverse. To do that, give the choices your final thoughts and select the one that gives you the most benefits.

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Tarot card position 2
Sequence 2

Ace of Wands

Upon determination, which will most likely happen, take charge of your new enthusiasm as illustrated in the Ace of Wands tarot card and do what is necessary for the challenges that are coming your way from this choice that you have made.

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Rewarded for Efforts Soon

Tarot card position 1

Three of Wands

You have taken the time and effort to reach the top of a hill, so allow yourself to stop and smell the roses like the person in the Three of Wands tarot card does for coming this far. This indicates that your current phase has come to an end, and you are waiting for some sort of news.

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Tarot card position 2

Six of Pentacles

You will receive a little reward from someone, though you do not need to kneel for it as depicted in the Six of Pentacles tarot card. While feeling grateful, you still feel lacking somehow as there does not seem much for the moment, but remember to continue doing what is working for you and be prepard to conquer another hill!

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The Reason Behind Failed Relationships

Tarot card position 1

Two of Cups (reversed)

Recently, I keep recalling my failed relationships with some men in the past, as the reversed Two of Cups tarot card showed. Whenever they come to my mind, I will blame them. Why wasn’t I treated nicely? Am I really that hard to listen to and understand?

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Tarot card position 2

King of Cups

The qualities I am always looking for in my partner are primarily compassion and empathy like what the King of Cups tarot card possesses, which were absent from my ex-boyfriends. Come to think of it, I am not treating myself with such qualities either, so before I am able to attract such partner, I have to do so to myself first. Stop beating myself up is a good start.

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Can I Indulge in Snacks?

Tarot card position 1

Seven of Cups

Ah … cakes, chocolates, crackers, and other snacks as imaginatively served by the cups in the Seven of Cups tarot card. Everthing looks so tempting and mouth-watering when I am on a strict diet plan. Ironically, as my belly gets smaller, I tend to feel that I do not eat enough even though the food is satisfying.

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Tarot card position 2

The Hierophant

“You had better be disciplined,” whispered The Hierophant tarot card. Okay, do not worry. I will still do the right thing by following the recommended menu in order to achieve my ultimate fitness goal. I can do it! Good luck to me!

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Blues Turned Sunny

Tarot card position 1

Nine of Swords

The first half of the day starts off with blues. Maybe you cannot proceed with a plan due to some unforeseen circumstances. Maybe you are afraid you have done something that might hurt other people. Maybe you are just overthinking everything that is currently bothering you. Contrary to the action illustrated in the Nine of Swords tarot card, try to remove your palms from your face and view things from a different perspective. Things may not be as bad as they seem.

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Tarot card position 2

Ten of Cups

And don’t worry, because by contrast, the latter half of the day is calm after a storm. You may have decided to change something up in the process to feel better, so the Universe returns the favor. Anyway, even if it is just a regular meal and not something big, count your blessings, still. The Ten of Cups tarot card may suggest that you should appreciate them with your closed ones if possible.

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