Four of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Four of Cups tarot card image
Four of Cups (Reversed)

Ideas: Communication, gratitude, romantic opportunities

Traits: Appreciative, considerate, decisive, friendly, honest, open, sober, tolerant, trusting

Emotions: Caring, eagerness, gladness, optimism, relief, tenderness

  • Actions:
    • Accepting every emotional or spiritual support you can get
    • Appreciating what you have
    • Becoming aware of which suits you best
    • Communicating your emotional needs
    • Exploring romantic opportunities
    • Getting in touch with others
    • Putting aside your ego
Four of Cups (Upright, Balanced)

Ideas: Consideration, craving resistance, emotional stability

Traits: Calm, contemplative, disciplined, patient, rational, reflective, reserved, stable

Emotions: Contentment, hope, nervousness, satisfaction, uneasiness

  • Actions:
    • Considering different options that are presented
    • Maintaining your emotional stability
    • Needing to be left alone to calm down somewhere
    • Refusing to give in to overwhelming emotions
    • Resisting the cravings
    • Seeing the value of long-term commitments
Four of Cups (Upright, Excessive)

Ideas: Boredom, lethargy, listlessness

Traits: Cold, discontented, dreamy, indecisive, lazy, neglectful, unfriendly, ungrateful

Emotions: Annoyance, disappointment, frustration, grouchiness, grumpiness, irritation, pride

  • Actions:
    • Daydreaming at the expense of your work
    • Feeling everything should stay just like it is
    • Ignoring romantic or spiritual opportunities
    • Refusing to be engaged by opportunity
    • Spurning inspiration
    • Taking people and relationships for granted
    • Waiting for the perfect opportunity

Four of Cups’ Advice

Personal Growth

Boredom and ingratitude blind us to new opportunities. Don’t fall into this trap! Alter your routine. Try new foods. Dress in different colors. Break the mold, and you’ll never stop growing.


Without adequate attention, even the best relationships grow stale over time. Reignite the spark. Rediscover what brought you together. If on your own and unhappy about it, don’t play the victim: get back in the game.


Bored? It’s time to ask for new challenges. When work fails to fulfill us, it quickly becomes drudgery. There’s always plenty to do. You can shatter inertia by just getting started. Take that first step; others will follow.


Unless you tap into a fresh reservoir, your spiritual well will eventually run dry. Replenish your Spirit with a dip into new experiences: meditation, drumming, fasting. Open yourself to new possibilities.

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