Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Queen of Cups tarot card image
Queen of Cups (Reversed)

Ideas: Catharsis, unresponsiveness, useless insights

Traits: Cold, insensitive, protective, shallow, superficial, uncreative

Emotions: Annoyance, disappointment, frustration, irritation

  • Actions:
    • Detoxing your emotions
    • Developing your empathy skills
    • Discarding useless insights
    • Preventing emotional overload
    • Protecting your energy
    • Stepping away from what’s draining you emotionally
Queen of Cups (Upright, Balanced)

Ideas: Hunch, insightfulness, psychic

Traits: Accessible, creative, deep, empathetic, focused, imaginative, intuitive, profound, reflective, sensitive

Emotions: Caring, compassion, eagerness, hope, optimism

  • Actions:
    • Achieving unity with spirit
    • Allowing yourself to be moved by the plight of others
    • Calling on psychic abilities
    • Looking into matters in a deep manner
    • Trusting your feelings to guide you
    • Tuning into your emotions
    • Understanding and sharing the feelings of others
    • Validating the feelings of yours and others
Queen of Cups (Upright, Excessive)

Ideas: Covert influence, emotional triggers, emotionalism

Traits: Distractible, moody, overimaginative, private, secretive

Emotions: Pity, sadness, sentimentality, sympathy, unhappiness, worry

  • Actions:
    • Absorbing other people’s emotions
    • Allowing empathy to disable you rather than inspire action
    • Becoming so caught up in matters of spirit, you become detached from the world
    • Being inundated with information that triggers your emotions
    • Using psychic abilities to wield covert influence
    • Wallowing in emotionalism, sentiment, or self-pity

Queen of Cups’ Advice

Personal Growth

Beating yourself up accomplishes nothing. Embracing your true feelings is one thing; wallowing in them is another. Pause to feel … and then move on, informed and enabled by your insights.


No amount of hand-wringing or self-pity will make things better. Stop second-guessing yourself! Strong feelings should tell you something, not render you helpless. Reflect on what you really need, then take action; otherwise, you’ll get bogged down.


Strong emotions in the workplace can distract people from their everyday goals. (Many may welcome such distraction!) Rather than get caught up in all the agony and ecstasy, keep an even keel. Don’t fret; trust your intuition and take appropriate action.


In truth, very few of us were meant for a life of constant contemplation. Most of us have to live in the real world! If you possess psychic abilities, be sure their deployment is regulated by your highest ethical standards.

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