Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Seven of Cups tarot card image
Seven of Cups (Reversed)

Ideas: Actuality, hidden potential, recommendation

Traits: Ambitious, decisive, methodical, practical, rational, realistic, systematic

Emotions: Eagerness, enthusiasm, excitement, optimism

  • Actions:
    • Awakening your hidden potential
    • Making up your mind
    • Making your dreams come true
    • Prioritizing your goals
    • Returning to reality
    • Separating the wheat from the chaff
Seven of Cups (Upright, Balanced)

Ideas: Dreams, emotion identification, goals

Traits: Creative, curious, dreamy, imaginative, insightful, intuitive, perceptive

Emotions: Desire, enjoyment, hope, longing, pleasure, surprise

  • Actions:
    • Entertaining yourself with daydreams
    • Gleaning insight from personal visions
    • Identifying your emotions
    • Imagining all kinds of possibilities
    • Motivating yourself with images of future success
    • Taking an imaginative or creative approach to problem solving
    • Using visualization to encourage progress
Seven of Cups (Upright, Excessive)

Ideas: Fakes, illusions, temptations

Traits: Absent-minded, bewildered, deceptive, distractible, fanciful, idealistic, impractical, unrealistic, vague

Emotions: Anxiety, apprehension, fear, nervousness, tenseness, uneasiness, worry

  • Actions:
    • Accepting something that seems too good to be true
    • Being controlled by fear
    • Giving in to emotional or political terrorism
    • Obsessing on imaginary fears or uncertain consequences
    • Spending more time dreaming than working
    • Surrendering to temptations

Seven of Cups’ Advice

Personal Growth

Your imagination is a powerful tool, capable of shaping your experience and your world. Focus your thoughts. See life as it should be, and then take personal responsibility for making your dreams come true. Always link imagination with action!


Comparing your friendships and relationships to unrealistic, Hollywood-produced fantasies is a sure-fire formula for disappointment. Rather than imagine what things ought to be, face how things are … and then take the steps necessary to make your relationships more rewarding.


Plan for contingencies. At the same time, don’t allow “what might be” to distract you from “what is.” Unless it’s your job to build castles in the sky, be sure to invest more effort in hard work than sweet dreams.


Use meditation and prayer to build a clear vision of your spiritual goals, and call on this for inspiration in times of need. Pay attention to dreams; they have important messages for you.

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