Tarot of the Saints Tarot Deck

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The Papesse Tarot Card

The Pope Tarot Card

The Hanged One Tarot Card

Martyrdom Tarot Card

Nine of Staffs Tarot Card

Squire of Staffs Tarot Card

Four of Cups Tarot Card

Knight of Cups Tarot Card

Ten of Swords Tarot Card

Queen of Swords Tarot Card

Four of Coins Tarot Card

King of Coins Tarot Card

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Tarot Deck Name
Tarot of the Saints Tarot Deck
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Robert M. Place

Saints lend themselves remarkably well to correspondences with the archetypal images of the tarot. St. Francis, a Fool for Christ; St. Nicholas, the Miracle Worker (Magician); and St. Mary Magdalen, The First Papesse (High Priestess). Saints serve as examples of ideal behavior, values, and outlook. By nature, they are well-suited to dispense insight and wisdom through the cards. In this beautiful new deck, their personalities bring life to the abstract images of the tarot.

Robert M. Place has created a powerful new tool for accessing the deepest mysteries of the mystical Christian tradition with the Tarot of the Saints. These cards bring to life the spiritual force of these venerated beings in a way that is at once immediately accessible and deeply meaningful.

Tarot Card List
Major Arcana Tarot Cards
Tarot Card Number Tarot Card Name
0 The Fool
1 The Magician
2 The Papesse
3 The Empress
4 The Emperor
5 The Pope
6 The Lovers
7 The Chariot
8 Justice
9 The Hermit
10 Wheel of Fortune
11 Strength
12 The Hanged One
13 Martyrdom
14 Temperance
15 The Devil
16 The Tower
17 The Star
18 The Moon
19 The Sun
20 Judgement
21 The World
Minor Arcana Tarot Cards
Suit of Staffs Suit of Cups Suit of Swords Suit of Coins
Ace of Staffs Ace of Cups Ace of Swords Ace of Coins
Two of Staffs Two of Cups Two of Swords Two of Coins
Three of Staffs Three of Cups Three of Swords Three of Coins
Four of Staffs Four of Cups Four of Swords Four of Coins
Five of Staffs Five of Cups Five of Swords Five of Coins
Six of Staffs Six of Cups Six of Swords Six of Coins
Seven of Staffs Seven of Cups Seven of Swords Seven of Coins
Eight of Staffs Eight of Cups Eight of Swords Eight of Coins
Nine of Staffs Nine of Cups Nine of Swords Nine of Coins
Ten of Staffs Ten of Cups Ten of Swords Ten of Coins
Squire of Staffs Squire of Cups Squire of Swords Squire of Coins
Knight of Staffs Knight of Cups Knight of Swords Knight of Coins
Queen of Staffs Queen of Cups Queen of Swords Queen of Coins
King of Staffs King of Cups King of Swords King of Coins
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