The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings

The Lovers tarot card image
The Lovers (Reversed)

Ideas: Incompatibility, options, self-love, separation

Traits: Cautious, hesitant, indecisive, independent, one-sided, uncooperative

Emotions: Annoyance, disappointment, frustration, infatuation, sadness

  • Actions:
    • Falling out of love
    • Giving space to yourself and others
    • Leaving an incompatible relationship
    • Loving yourself first before others
    • Picking another choice
    • Pondering the options
    • Separating yourself from other people
    • Taking a break in a relationship
The Lovers (Upright, Balanced)

Ideas: Togetherness, unity, well-informed decisions

Traits: Attractive, cooperative, friendly, genuine, helpful, open, passionate, romantic, vulnerable, warm

Emotions: Affection, attraction, fondness, love, passion, satisfaction

  • Actions:
    • Aligning yourself with groups or like-minded others
    • Balancing relationships and other life aspects
    • Bringing people together
    • Expressing passion or romantic feelings
    • Making well-informed decisions
    • Resolving conflicts with others
    • Showing your love to others
The Lovers (Upright, Excessive)

Ideas: Ill-informed decisions, multiple partners, unhealthy desire

Traits: Dependent, greedy, hurried, idealistic, possessive, unappreciative

Emotions: Envy, fear, jealousy, lust

  • Actions:
    • Allowing an unhealthy desire for love to motivate destructive behavior
    • Clinging to unhealthy relationships
    • Expecting everyone to like you
    • Having multiple romantic partners
    • Idealizing relationships
    • Making ill-informed decisions
    • Neglecting life aspects other than relationships
    • Taking love for granted

The Lovers’ Advice

Personal Growth

Now is a good time to deal with outstanding issues related to sexuality and relationships. Rather than be overwhelmed with Hollywood-style passion, consider the extent to which your qualities might be balanced or enhanced by those of your potential partner. In other areas, find your passion and pursue it.


This is a time to celebrate unity, love, and romance in all its forms. Souls are coming together, and a unique opportunity exists for people to enjoy an unusual degree of interdependence and cooperation. Let your heart guide your choices today.


Call group meetings, pursue mergers, and find solid business partners during this rare opportunity for successful cooperation. Pay special attention to opportunities to supply what others need. Lay a foundation for future success by watching for team members with skills you lack. Make choices based on what you truly enjoy doing.


Open yourself to new and diverse spiritual experiences. See opportunities to love others (even romantically) as chances to be a channel for divine love. Every small blessing you receive is an expression of universal love; give thanks and embrace what life brings you.

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