The Sun Tarot Card Meanings

The Sun tarot card image
The Sun (Reversed)

Ideas: Alleviation, bashfulness, low profile

Traits: Considerate, hardworking, hesitant, humble, indecisive, quiet, serious, subtle

Emotions: Caring, eagerness, enthusiasm, hope, nervousness, uneasiness

  • Actions:
    • Focusing on others instead of yourself
    • Healing your inner child
    • Keeping a low profile
    • Letting your accomplishments speak for themselves
    • Stepping back and letting others shine
    • Working hard for a brighter future
The Sun (Upright, Balanced)

Ideas: Attention, brilliance, energy, recognition

Traits: Charismatic, confident, ebullient, fun-loving, genuine, healthy, magnanimous, proud, warm

Emotions: Cheerfulness, contentment, joy, optimism, relief, satisfaction, triumph

  • Actions:
    • Celebrating your own successes
    • Drawing attention to yourself
    • Having fun like a child
    • Knowing you’re good at what you do
    • Looking on the bright side
    • Seeing things with clarity
The Sun (Upright, Excessive)

Ideas: Misrepresentation, overstatement, self-absorption

Traits: Arrogant, childish, conceited, distractible, egocentric, hurried, narcissistic

Emotions: Annoyance, frustration, jealousy, insecurity, loneliness, pride

  • Actions:
    • Becoming absorbed in your own self-image
    • Being dazzled by your own accomplishments
    • Exerting yourself to the point of exhaustion
    • Feeling rushed and distracted
    • Misrepresenting your achievements
    • Overstating your abilities

The Sun’s Advice

Personal Growth

Learn to win gracefully. Accept compliments with a humble heart. You can acknowledge and celebrate your own achievements without falling prey to greediness. Be who you are. You’ve earned this moment, but don’t let pride in your progress hinder further growth!


You’re turning heads without realizing it. Attention is coming your way—and you deserve it! The admiration of others is a warm glow, so bask in it while you can. As all things begin to revolve around you, take care you don’t get blinded or burned by your own brilliance.


With the proper strategy, you’re all set to be the golden boy (or girl). Approval and praise are the order of the day. Accept all this admiration with humbleness; give credit where credit’s due. Meanwhile, make hay while the sun shines. Remember: after noon, the rest of the day is a sunset!


As your meditative and spiritual practices hone your sensitivities, you begin to feel your connectedness to the energies around you. Branch out. Spread warmth, love, and joy through your attitudes and actions. Today, embody the universal light.

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