Tarot Timings

Major Arcana Tarot Timings

Tarot Card Timing
The Fool Unexpectedly, if at all
The Magician Within three months
The High Priestess Within 28 days
The Empress Within seven and one half months
The Emperor March 20–April 19
The Hierophant April 20–May 20
The Lovers May 21–June 20
The Chariot June 21–July 22
Strength July 23–August 22
The Hermit August 23–September 22
Wheel of Fortune Within 12 years
Justice September 23–October 22
The Hanged Man When you least expect it
Death October 23–November 21
Temperance November 22–December 21
The Devil December 22–January 19
The Tower Within 23 months
The Star January 20–February 17
The Moon February 18–March 19
The Sun Within one year
Judgement Unexpectedly, if at all
The World Within 29.5 years

Minor Arcana Tarot Timings

Suit of Wands Tarot Timings

Tarot Card Timing
Ace of Wands In the spring (March 21–June 21)
Two of Wands March 21–March 30
Three of Wands March 31–April 10
Four of Wands April 11–April 20
Five of Wands July 22–August 1
Six of Wands August 2–August 11
Seven of Wands August 12–August 22
Eight of Wands November 23–December 2
Nine of Wands December 3–December 12
Ten of Wands December 13–December 21
Page of Wands June 21–September 22
Knight of Wands July 12–August 11
Queen of Wands March 11–April 20
King of Wands November 13–December 12

Suit of Cups Tarot Timings

Tarot Card Timing
Ace of Cups In the summer (June 21–September 23)
Two of Cups June 21–July 1
Three of Cups July 2–July 11
Four of Cups July 12–July 21
Five of Cups October 23–November 1
Six of Cups November 2–November 11
Seven of Cups November 13–November 22
Eight of Cups February 19–February 28
Nine of Cups March 1–March 10
Ten of Cups March 11–March 20
Page of Cups September 23–December 21
Knight of Cups October 13–November 11
Queen of Cups June 11–July 11
King of Cups February 9–March 10

Suit of Swords Tarot Timings

Tarot Card Timing
Ace of Swords In the fall (September 23–December 22)
Two of Swords September 23–October 2
Three of Swords October 3–October 12
Four of Swords October 13–October 22
Five of Swords January 20–January 29
Six of Swords January 30–February 8
Seven of Swords February 9–February 18
Eight of Swords May 21–May 31
Nine of Swords June 1–June 10
Ten of Swords June 11–June 20
Page of Swords December 22–March 20
Knight of Swords January 10–February 8
Queen of Swords September 12–October 12
King of Swords May 11–June 10

Suit of Pentacles Tarot Timings

Tarot Card Timing
Ace of Pentacles In the winter (December 22–March 21)
Two of Pentacles December 22–December 30
Three of Pentacles December 31–January 9
Four of Pentacles January 10–January 19
Five of Pentacles April 21–April 30
Six of Pentacles May 1–May 10
Seven of Pentacles May 11–May 20
Eight of Pentacles August 23–September 1
Nine of Pentacles September 2–September 11
Ten of Pentacles September 12–September 22
Page of Pentacles March 21–June 20
Knight of Pentacles April 11–May 10
Queen of Pentacles December 13–December 31
King of Pentacles August 12–September 11