Tarot Spread Maker

Design tarot spreads that fit your exact needs with our free online tool. Move, rotate, and arrange tarot card positions, set reversals or randomize the tarot card images, then bookmark, screenshot, share, or demonstrate your creation when you are done. Unlock the wisdom of tarot with just a few clicks.

Tarot Card Meanings

Get to know the true power of tarot cards by uncovering their associated ideas, traits, emotions, and actions. Obtain the insight and advice you need to answer your current questions while learning the essential keywords of all 78 upright and reversed tarot cards. Unlock the secrets and explore symbols, insights, and more.

Tarot Readings

Uncover the mysteries of tarot and get the insight you need with a free, computer-generated reading from 10 tarot spreads. Analyze your question, answer, past, present, future, factor, advice, subconscious, environment, hopes and fears, outcome, or others with up to 21 tarot cards to gain a deeper understanding.

Tarot Spreads

Get the answers you need with tarot readings from our Tarot Spread Maker. Create your own tarot spreads or discover spreads from other tarot spreaders, complete with tarot card position meanings and tarot reading results for you to explore. Reveal the layers of tarot wisdom and gain deeper insight.

Tarot Decks

Disclose the beauty of tarot with amazing tarot decks from creative artists around the world. Explore traditional, modern, imaginary, surreal, hand-painted, digital, and more styles with our collection of tarot card sample images and information. Appreciate the stunning artwork and gain deeper insight into tarot readings.

Tarot Guides

Understand the power of tarot with our helpful guides. Learn how to use Tarot Spread Maker’s various features—from moving tarot cards to resizing the tarot board and setting the number of tarot cards—as well as guides about tarot card meanings and tarot reading. Uncover the mysteries of tarot with our comprehensive user guides.