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Learn the keywords of all 78 tarot cards in randomizable nouns, verbs, and adjectives. The keywords are currently being replaced by general tarot card meanings in terms of qualities, emotions, and actions.

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Tarot Readings

Select and have a free tarot reading from 10 tarot spreads that analyze your question, answer, past, present, future, factor, advice, subconscious, environment, hopes and fears, outcome, or others from 1 up to 21 tarot cards.

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Tarot Spreads

Discover and view various tarot spreads created from the Tarot Spread Maker and originated by other tarot spreaders with tarot card position meanings. Now the tarot spreads come with tarot reading results for your reference, if you like.

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Tarot Spread Maker

Make and design tarot spreads with this free online tool. Move, rotate, and arrange the tarot card positions. Set, reverse, or randomize the tarot card images. Bookmark, screenshot, share, or demonstrate it when done.

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Tarot Decks

Explore and appreciate various beautiful tarot decks made by creative artists around the world with tarot card sample images and information. There are traditional, modern, imaginary, surreal, hand-painted, digital, and more styles to choose from.

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