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The Trick Tarot Spread

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Glass Owl


Number of Cards

Position Meanings

Position Meaning
1 Querent’s trick: How querent tricks others
2 The trick the world plays on querent: How others trick querent

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Tarot Reading Examples

Old Thoughts and Social Norms

Tarot card position 1
How querent tricks others

Ace of Swords (reversed)

I trick others into believing that my new idea of living my life is not possible, so as indicated by the reversed Ace of Swords tarot card, I delay accepting it, cutting a path through the new lifestyle, and ultimately freeing myself from current groupthink.

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Tarot card position 2
How others trick querent

The Hierophant

The trick the world plays on me is social norms which have been passed along since childhood. By following the crowd, as suggested by The Hierophant tarot card, I am expected, at certain ages, to have higher education, have high paying job, drive a nice car, buy a house, get married, have children, etc.

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