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Suit of Wands Tarot Affirmations

Tarot Card Affirmation
Ace of Wands I jump at the opportunity to pursue my heart’s desire.
Two of Wands With my goals in mind, I make confident choices.
Three of Wands I take the steps necessary to put my plans in action.
Four of Wands My contributions are worthy of celebration.
Five of Wands I can express dissent in constructive ways.
Six of Wands I value sincere praise.
Seven of Wands I am willing to take a stand for what I believe in.
Eight of Wands I adapt quickly to change.
Nine of Wands When the going gets tough, I stay the course.
Ten of Wands I respect my own limits.
Page of Wands I can do this.
Knight of Wands I can lead the way to success.
Queen of Wands I use my influence to promote unity.
King of Wands I use my authority and experience to get things done faster.

Suit of Cups Tarot Affirmations

Tarot Card Affirmation
Ace of Cups I listen to the counsel of my heart.
Two of Cups I am attuned to what my heart truly desires.
Three of Cups I allow my actions to reflect my true emotions.
Four of Cups I appreciate what I have been given.
Five of Cups I learn from my losses and move on.
Six of Cups I freely give myself to others, expecting nothing in return.
Seven of Cups I use inner vision as a tool for growth.
Eight of Cups I am always open to opportunities for growth.
Nine of Cups I have everything I need to be happy.
Ten of Cups I take time to appreciate what I have been given.
Page of Cups I am ready to embrace love and spirit.
Knight of Cups I translate my passions into actions.
Queen of Cups I choose to be enabled, not disabled, by my strong emotions.
King of Cups I strive to be stable and fair-minded.

Suit of Swords Tarot Affirmations

Tarot Card Affirmation
Ace of Swords I take the time to think things through.
Two of Swords I strive to see all sides of every issue.
Three of Swords I learn from failures and setbacks.
Four of Swords I think before taking action.
Five of Swords Even as I care for myself, I am mindful of the needs of others.
Six of Swords I keep an open mind.
Seven of Swords I hold myself to the highest ethical standards.
Eight of Swords I know my own limits.
Nine of Swords I do not worry about what I cannot control.
Ten of Swords When my limits are exceeded, I take action on my own behalf.
Page of Swords I am ready to make good decisions.
Knight of Swords I temper my insights with tact.
Queen of Swords I make the truth easier to hear.
King of Swords My word is my bond.

Suit of Pentacles Tarot Affirmations

Tarot Card Affirmation
Ace of Pentacles I am open to and thankful for my blessings.
Two of Pentacles Before taking action, I consider costs.
Three of Pentacles My work produces results.
Four of Pentacles I use my resources wisely.
Five of Pentacles I have faith that what I need will appear.
Six of Pentacles Knowing I will receive more, I share my resources freely.
Seven of Pentacles To stay on target, I measure my progress.
Eight of Pentacles I give myself wholeheartedly to the task of the moment.
Nine of Pentacles I know enough to be confident in my decisions.
Ten of Pentacles I keep physical and financial matters in perspective.
Page of Pentacles I am physically and financially responsible.
Knight of Pentacles I temper my actions with cautious optimism.
Queen of Pentacles I relish the best this world has to offer.
King of Pentacles I embody confidence and fairness.