Justice Tarot Card Meanings

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Justice’s Upright & Reversed Meanings

Justice (Reversed, Lacking)

Ideas: Bias, preference, result

Traits: Adaptable, considerate, dishonest, flexible, intuitive, irrational, one-sided, irresponsible, kind

Emotions: Caring, compassion, relief, tenderness

  • Actions:
    • Acknowledging that not all things are created equal
    • Avoiding making decision for other people
    • Carrying out actions after consideration
    • Letting others choose what’s best for them
    • Selecting the one you prefer
    • Trusting your instinct
Justice (Upright, Balanced)

Ideas: Impartiality, law, scale

Traits: Conscientious, fair, honest, neutral, objective, orderly, precise, rational, responsible, upright

Emotions: Contentment, eagerness, optimism, satisfaction

  • Actions:
    • Considering evidence
    • Deliberating
    • Getting all the facts
    • Making an objective decision
    • Scaling your reaction to a situation in an appropriate way
    • Weighing an issue carefully before taking action
Justice (Upright, Excessive)

Ideas: Harsh criticism, inaction, perfect option

Traits: Authoritarian, critical, hesitant, inconsiderate, indecisive, rigid, strict, stubborn

Emotions: Annoyance, frustration, irritation, nervousness, uneasiness

  • Actions:
    • Confusing snap decisions with timely action
    • Delivering harsh criticism
    • Fussing over every calculation
    • Obsessing with rules and regulations
    • Playing by the book even when it is destructive or counterproductive to do so
    • Stalling the process of decision-making

Justice’s Advice

Personal Growth

Everyone faces limitations of some kind. Learn your own limits. Rather than allow them to define you, use what you know to better position yourself for success. Learn when to say yes; know when to say no.


Relationships are rarely 50/50 propositions, but the closer you come to an even division of responsibility, the better. What do you really need to be satisfied? Knowing your standards empowers you to evaluate your feelings more clearly.


Work towards a more equitable division of labor. Learn to delegate. Evaluate your own work using the same standard you bring to bear on the work of others. Know what matters most, and prioritize accordingly.


In all things, seek balance. When faced with a decision, quiet your mind and allow your heart to weigh the moment. Trust in the law of karma; avoid personal efforts to mete out universal justice.

Justice’s Symbols & Insights

The Sword

Swords symbolize decision-making and clarity, along with the responsibility such talents bring. (Ask Damocles!) What information is crucial to your decision? What are the pros and cons?

The Scales

Scales have long been a symbol of balance and evaluation. The Egyptian god Maat weighed souls to determine purity of heart. What needs to be evaluated or weighed today?

The Blindfold

Themis does not wear a blindfold, emphasizing her ability to foresee the future; Justitia does, emphasizing her objectivity. How can you enhance your own objectivity?

The Temple Columns

In Rider–Waite–Smith-influenced decks, we once again see the pillars from Solomon’s Temple. The veil now represents human law. What would a judge or lawyer do in your situation?

More About Justice Tarot Card

A legal verdict will be rendered soon.
Someone is making a decision.
You need to get the facts.
Between September 23 and October 22
“I am fair and just in all my actions and decisions.”
The law
Hebrew Alphabet
Numerology Number
11 = 1 + 1 = 2
(the other: division, debate, duality)
Astrology Element
Astrology Sign
Themis or Justitia
Solomon dividing a baby
The Sword of Damocles
The giving of the Ten Commandments
During the main character’s initial challenge, his or her ability, knowledge, or personal suitability is found to be lacking.
Questions to Ask
To what extent is your life (or work) balanced?
How can you achieve greater objectivity?
What course of action would be fair to everyone concerned?
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