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Strength Tarot Card

Temperance Tarot Card

The Devil Tarot Card

The Sun Tarot Card

Eight of Wands Tarot Card

Page of Wands Tarot Card

Six of Cups Tarot Card

Knight of Cups Tarot Card

Four of Swords Tarot Card

Queen of Swords Tarot Card

Two of Coins Tarot Card

King of Coins Tarot Card

About This Tarot Deck

Tarot Deck Name
Bonefire Tarot Deck
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Gabi Angus-West

Unlock the secrets of your inner journey with the Bonefire tarot deck—a collection of 78 hand-painted cards inspired by the vintage tattoo flash art of Sailor Jerry Collins. Designed for the serious self-explorer, this deck seamlessly blends traditional Rider–Waite symbolism with bold and striking imagery, allowing you to tap into your intuition and unlock deeper insights. From the archetypal figures of the Major Arcana to the symbolic imagery of the Minor suits, each card is a window into the different aspects of yourself and the experiences you encounter on your journey through life. Explore the Bonefire tarot and ignite your path to self-discovery.

Tarot Card List
Major Arcana Tarot Cards
Tarot Card NumberTarot Card Name
0The Fool
1The Magician
2The High Priestess
3The Empress
4The Emperor
5The Hierophant
6The Lovers
7The Chariot
9The Hermit
10Wheel of Fortune
12The Hanged Man
15The Devil
16The Tower
17The Star
18The Moon
19The Sun
21The World
Minor Arcana Tarot Cards
Suit of WandsSuit of CupsSuit of SwordsSuit of Coins
Ace of WandsAce of CupsAce of SwordsAce of Coins
Two of WandsTwo of CupsTwo of SwordsTwo of Coins
Three of WandsThree of CupsThree of SwordsThree of Coins
Four of WandsFour of CupsFour of SwordsFour of Coins
Five of WandsFive of CupsFive of SwordsFive of Coins
Six of WandsSix of CupsSix of SwordsSix of Coins
Seven of WandsSeven of CupsSeven of SwordsSeven of Coins
Eight of WandsEight of CupsEight of SwordsEight of Coins
Nine of WandsNine of CupsNine of SwordsNine of Coins
Ten of WandsTen of CupsTen of SwordsTen of Coins
Page of WandsPage of CupsPage of SwordsPage of Coins
Knight of WandsKnight of CupsKnight of SwordsKnight of Coins
Queen of WandsQueen of CupsQueen of SwordsQueen of Coins
King of WandsKing of CupsKing of SwordsKing of Coins
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