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Feng Shui Tarot Deck


Tarot Card Sample Images

The Empress Tarot Card

The Emperor Tarot Card

Transition Tarot Card

Materialism Tarot Card

Ace of Black Tortoise Tarot Card

Page of Black Tortoise Tarot Card

Ace of Red Phoenix Tarot Card

Knight of Red Phoenix Tarot Card

Ace of White Tiger Tarot Card

Queen of White Tiger Tarot Card

Ace of Green Dragon Tarot Card

King of Green Dragon Tarot Card

About This Tarot Deck

Tarot Deck Name
Feng Shui Tarot Deck
Peter Paul Connolly

Discover the power of balance and harmony with the Feng Shui tarot deck. This unique deck combines the traditional elements of tarot with the ancient Chinese wisdom and principles of Form School Feng Shui, allowing you to tap into the energy flow of your surroundings and create a more favorable environment for yourself and those around you. The cards feature beautiful visual images of Feng Shui, each with its own unique meaning. By aligning the energies of your space, the Feng Shui tarot deck guides you on a journey towards peace and prosperity in your life.

Tarot Card List
Major Arcana Tarot Cards
Tarot Card NumberTarot Card Name
0The Fool
1The Magician
2The High Priestess
3The Empress
4The Emperor
5The Hierophant
6The Lovers
7The Chariot
9The Hermit
10Wheel of Fortune
12The Hanged Man
16The Tower
17The Star
18The Moon
19The Sun
21The World
Minor Arcana Tarot Cards
Suit of Black TortoiseSuit of Red PhoenixSuit of White TigerSuit of Green Dragon
Ace of Black TortoiseAce of Red PhoenixAce of White TigerAce of Green Dragon
Two of Black TortoiseTwo of Red PhoenixTwo of White TigerTwo of Green Dragon
Three of Black TortoiseThree of Red PhoenixThree of White TigerThree of Green Dragon
Four of Black TortoiseFour of Red PhoenixFour of White TigerFour of Green Dragon
Five of Black TortoiseFive of Red PhoenixFive of White TigerFive of Green Dragon
Six of Black TortoiseSix of Red PhoenixSix of White TigerSix of Green Dragon
Seven of Black TortoiseSeven of Red PhoenixSeven of White TigerSeven of Green Dragon
Eight of Black TortoiseEight of Red PhoenixEight of White TigerEight of Green Dragon
Nine of Black TortoiseNine of Red PhoenixNine of White TigerNine of Green Dragon
Ten of Black TortoiseTen of Red PhoenixTen of White TigerTen of Green Dragon
Page of Black TortoisePage of Red PhoenixPage of White TigerPage of Green Dragon
Knight of Black TortoiseKnight of Red PhoenixKnight of White TigerKnight of Green Dragon
Queen of Black TortoiseQueen of Red PhoenixQueen of White TigerQueen of Green Dragon
King of Black TortoiseKing of Red PhoenixKing of White TigerKing of Green Dragon
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