Approaching the Unapproachable Person Tarot Spread


About This Tarot Spread

Tarot Spread Name
Approaching the Unapproachable Person Tarot Spread
Glass Owl
Tarot Spread Category
Number of Tarot Cards
Tarot Card Position Meanings
Tarot Card PositionTarot Card Position Meaning
1The present situation with this other person
2What querent thinks of this person currently
3What this person thinks about you currently
4What querent expects from this person currently
5What this person expects from querent currently
6What is the best way to approach this person at this time?
7What should querent know about this person when speaking with this person?
8What can querent do at this time that would help in communicating with this person?
9What is the worst thing querent can do at this time?
10Future outlook

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