Lughnasadh Tarot Spread


About This Tarot Spread

Tarot Spread Name
Lughnasadh Tarot Spread
P. azurescens
Tarot Spread Category
Number of Tarot Cards
Tarot Card Position Meanings
Tarot Card PositionTarot Card Position Meaning
1Nourishment: What has nourished you so far this year?
2Harvest: What have you achieved so far this year?
3Stagnation: Where have you become stuck?
4Gratitude: What is something you can be grateful for this year?
5Sharing: How can you care for others in the next while?
6Growth: What are your goals moving forward?
7Rot: What are some potential stuck points to this goal?
8Action: What action can you take right now?
Additional Message

This is a tarot spread intended for use during the pagan festival of Lughnasadh. Hope you enjoy!

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