A Failure to Communicate Tarot Spread


About This Tarot Spread

Tarot Spread Name
A Failure to Communicate Tarot Spread
Glass Owl
Tarot Spread Category
(Civil War)
Number of Tarot Cards
Tarot Card Position Meanings
Tarot Card PositionTarot Card Position Meaning
1What is the other person’s current knee-jerk opinion or label of the querent?
2What is the other person currently clueless about when it comes to the querent?
3How the other person thinks his or her words and behavior towards the querent is affecting the querent
4How the other person’s words and behavior toward the querent is actually affecting him or her
5If the other person were up for a real heart-to-heart, what question/issue would the other person bring up with the querent?
6What garbage (in regard to the other person’s behavior) is the querent tolerating?
7Why or how is the querent currently tolerating this behavior from the other person?
8What should the querent do when communicating with the other person?

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