King of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

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King of Swords’ Upright & Reversed Meanings

King of Swords (Reversed, Lacking)

Ideas: Revocation, second thoughts, vacillation

Traits: Adaptable, considerate, fickle, flexible, hesitant, indecisive, unstable

Emotions: Apprehension, hope, insecurity, nervousness, uneasiness

  • Actions:
    • Changing your mind
    • Developing unwavering willpower
    • Making choices that are in your own best interest
    • Pondering an important decision
    • Retracting a statement
    • Taking feelings into consideration
King of Swords (Upright, Balanced)

Ideas: Expertise, genius, verdict

Traits: Decisive, dedicated, faithful, firm, formal, steadfast, wise

Emotions: Contentment, gladness, optimism, relief, satisfaction

  • Actions:
    • Calling in advisors and consultants
    • Coming to a final conclusion
    • Consulting an expert
    • Expressing yourself with firmness and authority
    • Reaching a beneficial agreement based on sound information
    • Rendering a final decision
King of Swords (Upright, Excessive)

Ideas: Absolutism, last word, legalism

Traits: Cold, critical, fixed, rigid, strict, strong-willed, stubborn

Emotions: Annoyance, frustration, irritation, pride

  • Actions:
    • Abiding by the rules to a tee
    • Being set in your ways of thinking
    • Flaunting your intellectual capability
    • Insisting on having the last word
    • Refusing to take back what’s been said
    • Talking over the heads of others

King of Swords’ Advice

Personal Growth

Strive to be consistent. Let your word be your bond. One measure of maturity is the ratio of words spoken versus words listened to. Grow (and gain respect) by learning to hear what others are saying. Reserve judgment until after all the evidence has been heard.


Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Your friends and partners need straightforward feedback; give it to them. Avoid trying to control what someone says or how he or she says it. When an argument’s over, let it be over. Do what you said you would do.


Don’t waffle. Make commitments and stick to them. If you say you’ll meet a deadline, do so. If called on to evaluate the work of others, don’t sugar-coat the results; render a fair verdict. Strive to be known for your honesty; avoid brown-nosing and voicing empty praise.


Listen for the still, small voice, and, when you’ve heard it, act on its advice with total confidence. Don’t hesitate to confirm your verdict with a wise counselor whose opinions you respect. Be sure to let your spirituality temper your conversation, and match your words with deeds.

King of Swords’ Symbols & Insights

The Airy Throne

To emphasize the airiness of this suit, the throne of the King of Swords may be decorated with flying creatures or, in some decks, may hover in space. Air’s qualities include logic and communication. How might these qualities be deployed to improve your situation?

Solomon Enthroned

The gravity and wisdom of this King are unmistakable—he is an incarnation of Solomon, who ruthlessly applied logic in order to render wise decisions. In your own situation, should you rely more on logic or wisdom? What might happen if you blended the two?

Thoughtful Bravery

How comfortable are you with the fact that not everyone may support or applaud your decisions? How willing are you to make decisions that alienate some people?

The Marseilles Image

The Marseilles King of Swords is composed and alert, maintaining a posture of readiness. He can be seen as a reminder that paying attention is half of solving any problem. Watch the actions of those around you. Weigh their statements carefully. Review records. With a holistic picture in hand, you’ll make a better decision.

More About King of Swords Tarot Card

This card represents an older man with an insightful, deliberate spirit, likely born between May 11 and June 10, who is known for his integrity and sharp decision-making ability.
Between May 11 and June 10
“My word is my bond.”
Astrology Element
Fire of Air
The King of Swords can represent anyone who tends to control or seek to control (King) intellectual and verbal responses (Swords). The King may also represent the tendency to be more blunt than diplomatic, or the need to bring something to a conclusion once and for all.
The main character must choose a side and stick with that choice, regardless of the consequences.
Questions to Ask
What would your decision be if you had to render a binding verdict right now?
How comfortable are you saying exactly what you mean? How often do you temper what you have to say for fear of offending others?
If you were to ask others, “What’s my area of expertise?” what would they say?
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