Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings

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Ten of Pentacles’ Upright & Reversed Meanings

Ten of Pentacles (Reversed, Lacking)

Ideas: Outsider, renovation, voyage

Traits: Adaptable, anticipative, courageous, flexible, independent, innovative, self-reliant

Emotions: Homesickness, hope, isolation, rejection

  • Actions:
    • Identifying which family values fit who you are
    • Introducing new traditions to your family
    • Making a living without family support
    • Modernizing your home
    • Moving away from familiarity
    • Saving for retirement
Ten of Pentacles (Upright, Balanced)

Ideas: Family tradition, hometown, staycation

Traits: Agreeable, conventional, familial, felicific, friendly, peaceful, relaxed, secure, sociable, warm

Emotions: Bliss, contentment, relief, satisfaction

  • Actions:
    • Celebrating your physical and financial blessings
    • Enjoying your reunion with family members or closed ones
    • Living a peaceful life at a long-established place
    • Realizing how lucky or how blessed you are
    • Showering friends or family with gifts
    • Taking best advantage of times of plenty
Ten of Pentacles (Upright, Excessive)

Ideas: Acquisitiveness, family obligation, orthodoxy

Traits: Complacent, greedy, lazy, money-minded, physical, possessive, scheming

Emotions: Desire, envy, jealousy, pity, pride, sympathy

  • Actions:
    • Giving an inappropriately expensive gift as a means of currying favor
    • Obsessing over matters of weight, health, or finance
    • Setting your sights on inheritance
    • Supporting adults financially without conditions or limits
    • Trying too hard to impress others with your wealth or physique
    • Wondering what benefit you will gain at all times

Ten of Pentacles’ Advice

Personal Growth

You are not defined by your paycheck, by the size of your home, or by memberships in exclusive clubs. Behind all the possessions, behind the physical shell, there is only you; instead of focusing on the externals, make sure you’re at peace with the person you really are.


Being swept off your feet is one thing; being overwhelmed by sex or gifts is quite another. Keep a level head with regard to the importance of both presents and pleasure. Gifts and physical intimacy have an intensity all their own, but cannot compensate for genuine affection.


Your skills are for sale—not your soul. In the long run, will any amount of money compensate for the loss of your health or self-respect? Look carefully at the carrots being dangled before you. Know when to say no. Celebrate what you have; debate whether more is needed.


Lots of “stuff” can blind us to or distract us from our deepest, most important needs. Lighten the load. Consider giving away some of the possessions that weight you down. When blessings overflow, share them with others.

Ten of Pentacles’ Symbols & Insights

The Tree of Life

Students of Qabalah will recognize the ten Pentacles so often seen on the original Rider–Waite–Smith version of this card have been arranged to suggest the shape of the Tree of Life. In other decks, including the Marseilles, an overflow of Coins dominates the image. Either approach stresses the overflow of material blessings and should remind us to consider the higher purpose behind the “ten thousand things” in our lives.

The Pensive Elder

On this card, Rider–Waite–Smith-inspired decks often depict an older man, deep in thought. What’s on his mind? His wealth? His family? The future of his empire? How might these sobering topics play a role in your situation?

More Than Enough

Numerology suggests the tens represent the point at which fullness has been exceeded, and the energy of the suit becomes spoiled and over-extended. Too much focus on material goods or even on the condition of our own bodies can be just as damaging as too little.

The Marseilles Image

Ten coins crowd the image. An additional coin would crush the central blossom, obliterating any room for growth. At some point, physical possessions and concerns can limit our progress. Are you there?

More About Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card

Big money is in the near future.
Expect a powerful blessing to come your way.
Between September 12 and September 22
“I keep physical and financial matters in perspective.”
Numerology Number
(the end: finality, completion, exhaustion)
Astrology Element
Astrology Planet in Sign
Mercury in Virgo
The main character turns down an extravagant reward for his or her good work. Alternatively, the main character is offered an attractive bribe.
Questions to Ask
How much stuff do I really need?
How do I feel about wealth and abundance? How do I define these terms?
How might shedding some possessions open room for growth?
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