Tarot Storylines

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In this collection of tarot card storylines, you will find a unique and imaginative narrative for each of the 78 tarot cards. These storylines are meant to inspire and guide you as you delve deeper into the rich symbolism and meaning of the tarot. Whether you are a seasoned reader or just starting out on your tarot journey, we hope these stories will provide a fresh and engaging way to connect with the cards.

Major Arcana Tarot Storylines

Tarot CardStoryline
The FoolThe main character is unaware of complications to come.
The MagicianConsciously or unconsciously, the main character receives or controls a resource that holds the key to the story’s primary challenge.
The High PriestessAn unexpected event contains seeds of discord with potential to disrupt the main character’s everyday world.
The EmpressA motherly or nurturing figure reminds the main character of the core values that are the essence of his or her character.
The EmperorA stern figure seeks to control or restrain the main character by reminding him or her of responsibilities and obligations.
The HierophantA skilled advisor or capable initiate teaches the main character the secrets he or she needs to succeed.
The LoversThe main character encounters a love interest or must choose between love and doing what is right.
The ChariotWith an eye towards solving the story’s central problem, the main character commits to a quest.
StrengthAn event hints at the main character’s hidden strength, which he or she will use (or choose not to use) to resolve the story. Alternatively, a physical or emotional weakness hinders the main character’s progress.
The HermitOn the verge of giving up, the main character withdraws, seeking clarity in isolation. He or she may receive advice from a wise person.
Wheel of FortuneAn unforeseen event, completely out of the main character’s control, changes everything. Alternatively, decisions made in the past have unexpected present-day consequences.
JusticeDuring the main character’s initial challenge, his or her ability, knowledge, or personal suitability is found to be lacking.
The Hanged ManOne of the main character’s allies is discovered to be working secretly for the antagonist.
DeathThe main character believes all is lost. Alternatively, a helper or valued ally dies or is believed dead.
TemperanceThe main character learns to moderate impulses or habits that limit his or her ability to solve the story’s central problem.
The DevilThe main character comes face to face with his or her adversary. Alternatively, the main character realizes that his or her own perceptions or actions are the cause of the story’s primary problem.
The TowerIn a moment of intense crisis, the main character apparently loses all.
The StarAfter the darkness, comes the dawn! Just as the situation looks completely bleak, the main character discovers a way to move forward.
The MoonWith nothing left to lose, the main character commits to a dangerous or unlikely course of action as part of a last-ditch effort to reach his or her goal.
The SunThe main character is victorious.
JudgementHaving earned a victory, the main character sees himself or herself differently. Alternatively, others see the main character in a new and flattering light.
The WorldThe main character lives happily ever after.

Minor Arcana Tarot Storylines

Suit of Wands Tarot Storylines

Tarot CardStoryline
Ace of WandsThe main character has an opportunity to join the story’s quest.
Two of WandsThe main character is confronted with an alternative goal.
Three of WandsThe main character’s initial plans are laid and launched.
Four of WandsWe see a demonstration of the main character’s special gifts.
Five of WandsThe main character takes a stand and says, “Enough is enough!”
Six of WandsThe main character scores a small victory, boosting his or her own spirits, but angering the opposition.
Seven of WandsThe main character is attacked by the minions of his or her adversary.
Eight of WandsThe main character’s adaptability is tested when he or she is thrown into unforeseen circumstances.
Nine of WandsThe main character continues to strive for the goal, despite terrible odds.
Ten of WandsThe main character attempts a task he or she is not well-suited for, with disastrous results.
Page of WandsThe main character’s doubts about himself or herself are dispelled by a positive experience.
Knight of WandsThe main character leads the effort to reach a common goal.
Queen of WandsThe main character must persuade others to follow his or her lead.
King of WandsSurrounded by indecision, the main character takes control and gives orders.

Suit of Cups Tarot Storylines

Tarot CardStoryline
Ace of CupsThe main character meets a love interest or discovers his or her true calling.
Two of CupsThe main character improves his or her lot by joining with like-minded others.
Three of CupsThe main character’s actions show how he or she really feels.
Four of CupsFor right or wrong, the main character refuses to re-evaluate his or her feelings about an important person or issue. Alternatively, the main character suffers from boredom.
Five of CupsShocked by loss, the main character considers giving up the quest. Alternatively, the main character’s judgment is distorted by memories of loss.
Six of CupsDefying conventional wisdom, the main character lends his or her support to a hopeless cause.
Seven of CupsThe main character is hindered by unreasonable expectations or unfounded fears. Alternatively, the main character insists on remaining true to his or her original vision.
Eight of CupsThe main character finds his or her everyday life suddenly unrewarding. The main character sets off to find his or her destiny.
Nine of CupsThe main character expresses supreme confidence. Alternatively, the main character completes a task, but is denied the promised payment.
Ten of CupsThe main character finds himself or herself in a relationship more fulfilling or intense than expected.
Page of CupsThe main character has a “fish out of water” experience, leaving him or her feeling uncertain and awkward.
Knight of CupsPrompted by strong emotion, the main character launches into action.
Queen of CupsThe main character plays on sympathy to gain an advantage, or uses love, sex, or affection to gain cooperation.
King of CupsThe main character must suppress or control an emotional response in order to complete a difficult task.

Suit of Swords Tarot Storylines

Tarot CardStoryline
Ace of SwordsThe main character must make an important decision that will determine his or her ultimate fate.
Two of SwordsThe main character must defend his or her decisions. Alternatively, the main character rejects critical information and makes a bad decision.
Three of SwordsThe main character sees the error of his or her ways and changes course.
Four of SwordsThe main character withdraws and spends time in quiet contemplation before taking action.
Five of SwordsOthers are shocked or angered by the main character’s apparently irrational actions. Alternatively, the main character must take an action that will cause pain for his or her loved ones.
Six of SwordsThe main character comes up with a creative solution to handle an unforeseen complication.
Seven of SwordsThe main character has an opportunity to win using dishonest means.
Eight of SwordsThe main character must call on his or her ingenuity to escape a trap.
Nine of SwordsThe main character agonizes over a past mistake.
Ten of SwordsThe main character must acknowledge that all is apparently lost.
Page of SwordsThe main character must humbly apply himself or herself to an apprenticeship or course of study.
Knight of SwordsThe main character’s remarkable abilities cause some to become his or her enemies.
Queen of SwordsThe main character must deliver news that is difficult for others to receive with grace. Alternatively, the main character must confront the less desirable aspects of his or her personality.
King of SwordsThe main character must choose a side and stick with that choice, regardless of the consequences.

Suit of Pentacles Tarot Storylines

Tarot CardStoryline
Ace of PentaclesAt the last minute, the main character stumbles on a resource that will enable him or her to triumph.
Two of PentaclesThe main character weighs the impact his or her course of action will have on everyone involved.
Three of PentaclesThe main character achieves a result that no other characters have been able to attain.
Four of PentaclesThe main character must carefully manage a resource—time, money, people—in order to succeed.
Five of PentaclesThe main character refuses to see how he or she can be aided by others.
Six of PentaclesThe main character wins by cooperating instead of competing.
Seven of PentaclesThe main character looks back on what he or she has achieved and sees his or her work in a new light.
Eight of PentaclesThe main character is shown to be the very best at his or her chosen vocation.
Nine of PentaclesThe main character outlines a detailed action plan, step-by-step. Alternatively, the main character is placed in a position for which he or she is completely unqualified.
Ten of PentaclesThe main character turns down an extravagant reward for his or her good work. Alternatively, the main character is offered an attractive bribe.
Page of PentaclesThe main character must compensate for or learn from an earlier financial or sexual impropriety.
Knight of PentaclesThe main character takes a tentative first step towards a new solution.
Queen of PentaclesThe main character must avoid being lulled into complacency by the temptations of “the good life.”
King of PentaclesThe main character must persuade conservative or traditional people to try a new approach, or must spurn tradition in order to succeed.